Wizardly Deeds.



Arthur Rackham, Faerie Folk (Frontispiece), Duffield & Company, 1914.



Ah yeah!

Art by Per “Perkan” Sjögren
Types of trolls in Drakar och Demoner: Trudvang

John Blanche
Steve Jackson’s Sorcery 1 - The Shamutanti Hills

Aubrey Beardsley

Slavic Deer The Golden Deer of Eurasia: Scythian treasures from the Russian steppes


"Ovaj svjet je samo san Demona"
Natpis sa jednog od bogumilskih stećaka.
"This world is just a dream of a Demon”
Inscription from one of the Bogomil tombstones.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

The motto of the United States of Consumption is “In More We Trust.”  The contribution of American culture to humanity is consumption obsession.   Our epidemic of obesity, our land gluttonous suburban sprawl, our monster-size environmental footprint, our ravenous automobile addiction, and our heartless greed are symptoms of a deep-seated, sick mental state that keeps the economy humming.  And it keeps increasing economic inequality and apartheid.  Mass consumption is also a distraction from the self-inflicted defeat facing working- and middle-class Americans in the class war they are losing.  Americans are enslaving themselves with their spending and delusional prosperity.  The rich and super-rich in their McMansions, luxury cars, yachts, swank spas and private jets surely are laughing at how easy it is to manipulate the 80 percent of the population that keeps enriching them. 
The media and corporate advertisements have turned the American population into a “Slave” state of mind. Many people in the United States are accumulating debt at levels never seen in its 237 years of its existence.  It is a lesson to the world in what NOT to do.  An economy that is consumer based with credit is a disaster in the making because that debt only becomes unmanageable in the long run, especially when the people have no means to repay its debt obligations.  An economy based on consumerism leads to moral decay.